The launch will serve about 35,000 residential and small business customers in those markets.
While many corporate acquisitions result in job cuts, in this instance, Frontier will hire more than 200 additional workers to improve service. Frontier?s workforce is 100 percent based in the United States.
"It gives me comfort to know someone is fighting to keep my job here in the United States. Congressman Green has always stood by working families and we need more champions like him in Washington!"

Residents complained that Google's contractors have damaged homes and lawns, blocked driveways, and trespassed.

The CA PUC approved Frontier Communication?s acquisition of Verizon?s wireline assets in the state, completing a transfer of assets that spanned three states: Florida, Texas, and California.
AT&T?s service with Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second just launched in parts of San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX; Orlando, FL; as well as Gary, Hammond, and Crown Point, IN
The FCC found that the transfer of ownership was likely to benefit the public interest through increased investment in local networks and broadband services, and therefore imposed no conditions on the sale.

The company plans to bring high-speed Internet to 750,000 additional households over the next five years, an expansion that would increase Frontier?s broadband deployment by more than 50 percent.

As AT&T continues to add 1 Gbps cities, CenturyLink is finding their FTTP service is gaining favor with Utah school districts and telecommuters.
AT&T beat its 2014 deadline, bringing 1 Gbps U-Verse with GigaPower to Austin, Texas and surrounding communities.