Recently, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn wrote in the FCC blog, "?Since 1985, Lifeline has offered a discount on phone service to low-income consumer."
The Syracuse Common Council passed a resolution August 26, calling on ?... Verizon Communications... to build its all-fiber FiOS network throughout the city.?
In filed comments, CWA backed the FCC?s proposal to raise the current broadband definition from 4 Mbps down/1 Mbps up to 10 Mbps down/1.5 Mbps up.
AT&T is challenging dominant cable operator Charter for high-speed broadband service in the St. Louis area, mirroring similar broadband competition elsewhere.
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler recently said, "... meaningful competition for high-speed wired broadband is lacking and Americans need more competitive choices for faster and better Internet connections."
If Comcast wants New York state to accept its merger with Time Warner, it may have to meet some restrictive concessions.
Rick Boucher of the Internet Innovation Alliance wrote, ?Regulators should seek a more strategic relationship with service providers that focuses on the core consumer values yet remains responsive to consumer behavior.
CenturyLink told the FCC that the merger between Comcast and Time Warner "... presents a grave threat to the development of facilities-based video competition throughout the country.?
CWA President Larry Cohen said, ?The efforts of Gig.U, municipal governments and Internet Service Providers to upgrade America's broadband networks is great news."
The Leichtman Research Group's new broadband report confirms what most of us know: we want fast Internet.