The company sees new opportunities to bundle broadband with video service now that AT&T has integrated DirecTV.
Updating Lifeline to include high-speed Internet is an important step toward fulfilling the FCC's century-old commitment to universal communications access.
Public libraries are increasing their role in community broadband adoption, according to a recent National Digital Alliance Inclusion report.
The NY PSC approves the deal -- as long as Charter agrees to service and investment conditions.
High-speed broadband isn?t being deployed in a ?reasonable and timely fashion,? according to Chairman Wheeler?s draft of the 2016 Broadband Progress Report.
This year was a big one for telecommunications news. Here?s our list of the top stories -- events that we believe will have lasting impact in promoting our goals of affordable, high-speed broadband for all Americans and good jobs for workers in the telecom industry.
According to a new Pew study, home broadband subscriptions declined for the first time ever in 2015, down from 70% in 2013 to 67% this year, mainly due to monthly costs.
The elected leaders urged the FCC ensure the Lifeline program meets its goal of connecting low-income households with modern communications services. In modernizing the program to include broadband the FCC must reject co-payment schemes and program caps that would depress participation, and it must embrace customer choice by supporting fixed voice services and wireless voice services along with broadband services.
Sixteen municipalities across four counties in New Jersey have filed a complaint with the NJ BPU against Verizon, asking regulators to collect data on the company?s phone and Internet services and to protect customers by preventing Verizon from further neglecting its copper network.
The New York Times hosted an online discussion on American infrastructure priorities. Nicol Turner-Lee argued that high-speed broadband should be recognized alongside the traditional infrastructure like road and highways as vital to the people of the country.