Thanks to a novel effort in New Mexico, traditional Navajo dwellings called hogans will be plugged into the digital age with high speed internet access.
Thanks to our 80,000 Speed Testers, the Speed Matters Campaign has been making waves around the country. On Monday we released a state-by-state report and interactive map on U.S. internet speeds based on the test results.
More than 80,000 people have taken the Speed Matters Speed Test to learn the actual speed of their internet connections. We've used the results of all those speed tests to create the first-ever state-by-state report on internet speeds across America. Our findings were deeply troubling.
American Fork, Utah was in negotiations to sell their fiber-optic network to a Swedish partnership, but had to cancel the sale when the partnership was unable to gather the funding needed to invest a planned $8 million in American Fork's network.
In cooperation with Connected Nation, a nonprofit group aimed at expanding high-speed Internet access and other community-based technology improvements, CWA has developed model legislation for state-level Internet policies.