Verizon manipulated its financial accounting to appear unprofitable to regulators, and then used that manipulation to achieve policy goals that benefit the company instead of consumers.

Call comes after Feds serve Verizon with a labor complaint for attempting to silence Brooklyn workers, who are the first retail workers to form a union in Verizon Wireless and are seeking a fair contract
Verizon refuses to offer FiOS in Co-Op City and many other New York City neighborhoods.
Sixteen municipalities across four counties in New Jersey have filed a complaint with the NJ BPU against Verizon, asking regulators to collect data on the company?s phone and Internet services and to protect customers by preventing Verizon from further neglecting its copper network.
Data from wireless analyst Chetan Sharma shows that the U.S. wireless market is saturated with fully 81 percent of the population using a smartphone, revealing an important trend in the wireless sector: growth for wireless companies is going to come from new services, not from adding new subscribers.

The MD PSC sent a letter to Verizon demanding the company respond to CWA's request for an investigation, which provided the state agency with photographs depicting the company?s sustained neglect.

The FCC defended its net neutrality rules against telecommunications, cable, and wireless trade groups on December 5. The central issue of the case is whether the FCC has the authority to classify the Internet as a Title II telecommunications service.
CWA supports the FCC's proposal to adopt clear criteria to evaluate a telecom carrier?s request to discontinue, reduce, or impair legacy service as communications infrastructure changes from copper to fiber.
Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto is increasing the pressure against Verizon for failing to build FiOS service to the entire city after it promised to do so in exchange for a lucrative city-wide franchise agreement in 2009.