The Communications Workers of America (CWA) today filed a letter with the Maryland Public Service Commission calling on the PSC to re-open an investigation into Verizon's quality of service on its copper network, which is the primary network serving much of the state, including Baltimore.
Mayor Bill Peduto has charged Verizon with failing to build FiOS service to the entire city after it promised to do so in exchange for a lucrative city-wide franchise agreement.
Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stands with CWA members in New York City, calls on Verizon to build-out its FiOS services, and slams Verizon for its corporate greed.
The FCC released a list of markets where AT&T and Verizon cannot bid for reserve spectrum, clearing the way for a large victory for labor law violator T-Mobile.
Verizon?s systemic neglect of telephone infrastructure leads to broken poles, sagging cables, ungrounded conduit, and abandoned equipment that pose hazards to public safety.
Boston wants FiOS, but Verizon told the City Council last week that it had no intention of building out its all-fiber service to the city.
Pressure grows on Verizon as NYC Council examines Verizon?s broken promise to build-out high-speed FiOS network.
In some cities, Verizon ignores legislative and contractual buildout requirements; in others, refuses to build FiOS at all, while letting traditional landline network deteriorate everywhere
According to Verizon?s publicly available complaint reports, Verizon missed the NYPSC benchmark for complaints every month since January 2012.
Verizon is reneging on its commitment to bring its all-fiber FiOS network to New Jersey?s poorest cities, according to the mayors of Newark and Jersey City.