As some companies like Verizon and DISH Network begin experimenting with smaller bundles, some industry experts think the market has already passed them.
CWA accused Verizon of refusing to repair broken copper lines and directing customers toward Voice Link.
Both AT&T and Verizon are moving further into the wireless video streaming sector as viewing preferences change.
With its $4.4 billion deal to buy AOL, Verizon hopes to benefit from the potentially lucrative ad market on wireless devices -- but privacy advocates have concerns.
Major media companies are pulling advertisements for Verizon's new, more flexible cable package.
Subscribers say they want ? la carte TV, but according to a recent article in re/code, "Bundles aren?t going away anytime soon, since they?re the core of the pay TV business."
Frontier Communications began offering 150 Mbps, upload and download in parts of Washington state, using an all-fiber network Frontier purchased from Verizon in 2010.
Phase two of the Connect America Fund (CAF II) will offer some $1.7 billion annually through 2020 to AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Windstream, and Verizon for rural broadband.
Trade group U.S. Telecom this week filed a federal court petition for a review of the new net neutrality rules.
Analyst Craig Moffett wrote, ?Google Fiber is a bit like Ebola: very scary and something to be taken seriously. [However] it gets more press attention than it deserves.?