In 2014, 3 million new broadband users signed up: 2.7 million with cable firms and the rest with AT&T and Verizon.
Verizon has announced a massive sell-off of assets in two separate deals, and CWA immediately responds.
CWA responds to reports in national business media reported that Verizon will sell off some wireline assets.
Verizon "posted another year of consistently high operating and financial performance in 2014." But it plans to abandon its FiOS expansion, anyway.
In GigaOm, Peter Rysavy writes that the most recent auction of AWS (advanced wireless services) spectrum changed the way the industry values spectrum.
New York's Cuomo administration wants every state resident to be able to access broadband by 2019, but will the push encourage Verizon to build out FiOS in upstate cities?
In Everett, Massachusetts, Verizon Wireless store workers voted for bargaining rights and representation by the Communications Workers of America.
The long-planned auction of six blocks of publicly owned airwaves has so far reached total bidding of $34 billion -- vastly exceeded expectations.
The dominant broadband providers account for 86.6 million subscribers ? the top cable companies with over 51.2 million, and the top telephone companies with over 35 million.
AT&T and Verizon are making the first moves to provide a la carte pricing of television.