CWA calls on the FCC to stop the 180 day clock in its review of the Verizon Wireless/cable transaction because parties are failing to provide data necessary for proper review. Big Cable and Verizon have also struck a behind-closed-doors anti-competition deal that would raise prices, hurt consumers, and kill jobs.
Today's announcement of wireless spectrum sales by Verizon Wireless as a condition of its spectrum deal with Big Cable does not protect consumers or workers from the anti-competitive heart of the deal: the joint marketing agreement.
The Verizon cable deal weakens FiOS and DSL as competition for cable, says the American Antitrust Institute.
Verizon Wireless and Time Warner Cable ignored the FCC and Justice Department's pending reviews and began cross-marketing each others' products and services.
A study on cyberbullying found that most children have Internet-enabled cellphones by time they're in middle school.
Gigaom.com's news editor found the Verizon CEO to be spouting nonsense about promised mobile video -- and says so.
AT&T and Verizon are waging a ferocious lobbying campaign at the state level to end universal service - and no one is paying attention.
Following a recent tour by German Deutsche Telekom workers, German jurists spoke out against DT-owned T-Mobile, in a full-page ad in the NY Times.