A California duo are at the center of a federal class-action suit against Comcast for using their home router as a public hotspot, thereby ?exploiting them for profit. ?
In Everett, Massachusetts, Verizon Wireless store workers voted for bargaining rights and representation by the Communications Workers of America.
The long-planned auction of six blocks of publicly owned airwaves has so far reached total bidding of $34 billion -- vastly exceeded expectations.
According to a new study by John Horrigan, the introduction of cellular hasn't eliminated either the need or desire for universal service, reliability, and connection quality.
"The cell tower industry might be small, with 10,000 to 15,000 workers, but it?s quickly proving to be one of the most dangerous,? said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez.
Recently FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn asked, ?What is the impact on a consumer whose mobile broadband may be her only access to broadband?
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel teamed up with cell phone pioneer Marty Cooper in the San Jose Mercury News to call for wireless innovation ? one with a big reward.
A new UN report shows the U.S. ranks 19th worldwide in percentage of individuals using the Internet.
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler recently said, "... meaningful competition for high-speed wired broadband is lacking and Americans need more competitive choices for faster and better Internet connections."
The Leichtman Research Group's new broadband report confirms what most of us know: we want fast Internet.