According to a new Pew study, the black/white ?digital divide? continues to persist, but African American mobile use exceeds whites. And Internet use is also a matter of education and income.
T-Mobile is buying billions in low-frequency spectrum from Verizon, making its argument that it needs preferential rules at auction less and less credible.
Regarding Sprint's bid to acquire T-Mobile, The New York Times said, ?... the main issue is whether consumers would benefit from the acquisition, and the evidence suggests they would not.?
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's most recent National Health Interview Survey, more than half of Americans (55 percent) primarily or exclusively use their wireless phone.
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler and the commission ?were surprised last month by the flood of phone calls and emails expressing anger at the possibility that cellphone conversations would be allowed on flights.?
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson conceded to some limits in the federal spectrum auction, and members and witnesses at a Senate hearing saw a possible end to the impasse over limits.
The House bipartisan Federal Spectrum Incentive Act would create ?a new path for government spectrum users to relinquish spectrum and receive a portion of net auction revenues... ?
?In December 2012," according to the FCC, there were "443 million retail local telephone service connections in total.?
In his first major speech, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler said, ?The public has the right to be represented as we go through the transition that is the fourth network revolution.?
Most American airline passengers want to connect to the Internet in flight, but they don't want to listen to other people's cell phone conversations.