Bandwidth Limiting Entertainment and Advertising Potential

The internet has seen exponential growth in advertising in the last several years, while targeting and tailoring those advertisements to the individual user. This has resulted in ads that are less intrusive, more relevant to the consumer and more profitable to the advertiser.


David G. Rusin is the Founder, President & CEO of American Fiber Systems, Inc., a provider of fiber optic network infrastructure and data services.


Rusin believes the current US network infrastructure may stifle the online medium that has the potential to further revolutionize the media experience.  The delivery of high bandwidth customized fully interactive content and advertisements require an extensive upgrade in networking infrastructure. This uniquely online experience is threatened by the slow expansion of the network infrastructure.

There are underlying technical beliefs, bordering on religion, that get in the way of delivering the quality of an experience. Most users of the Internet do not care much about our industry acronyms or techno speak -- they want a reliable and rich experience predicated on enough reliable bandwidth to do so when, where and as needed.

We have yet to see the full potential of the internet as a source of entertainment and education. We can’t allow the United States to get any further behind in high speed internet accessibility.

 Metropolitan Fiber Optic Leader Foresees a Bump-in-the-Road for On-Line Advertising Media & Entertainment Outlets

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