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After repeated incidents and multiple grievance filings, the members walked off the job in protest. As a result of the strike, the supervisor has been temporarily suspended.
Dubbed “the most dangerous job in America,” tower climbing involves scaling towers to perform inspections and tests, handle repairs, and install equipment ranging from antennas, amplifiers, and fiber optic cable, to lighting systems. The major carriers who build and own the towers often farm out the maintenance work to contractors like Qualtek.

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The report, “What Lies Beneath,” focuses on Google Fiber, a high-profile company that relies heavily on contractors, and offers a deep dive into contracted out work.
OFS workers are highly skilled, and the labor-intensive nature of their work can be incredibly dangerous. However, the starting rate for new employees remains as low as $16 an hour and OFS uses a two-tier wage system.
Ground-breaking agreement will enable a new approach to corporate-union engagement after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard closes.
The Raven QA team predominantly works on the studio’s popular Call of Duty series. The workers’ organizing campaign was supported through CWA’s Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE-CWA). CODE-CWA has previously helped workers form unions at other game studios, such as Vodeo Games and Paizo.

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