Broadband experts from Southeast states discuss future of high-speed Internet

Experts from all corners of the Southeast United States gathered at Benedict College earlier this month to discuss the state of broadband in their states and ways to further their interests.

Discussion revolved around the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Agriculture Department's Rural Utilities Service grants.

Panelists also talked about other ways to use economic stimulus dollars to promote broadband deployment adoption and the best methods to aggregate and present broadband data as evidence for the necessity of increased broadband funding.

Chuck Sherwood, a consultant, proposed that Southeastern States follow the model that New England states have created for regional idea-sharing.

The conference was hosted by Jabari Simama of the Alliance for Digital Equality - a Speed Matters partner. A second meeting of Southeast state experts will meet in early May.

Southeast Experts on Broadband Gather for Benedict College Conference (Broadband Census)