Comcast usually gets its way with states and cities

Speed Matters has already reported on Comcast’s lobbying prowess in Washington, how it raised its lobbying expenditures by 23 times over its costs in 2001.

Well, Comcast hasn’t spent all its money in Washington, acquiring allies and spending cash in state capitals and big cities. Comcast hopes to buy its way to approval of its proposed merger with Time Warner, despite resistance from other companies, and civic and labor groups.

According to a recent story in Politico:

“From New York to Illinois, Comcast similarly has maintained a powerful, experienced army of local lobbyists and trade groups. And the company’s high-powered offense recently has helped it battle back everything from a municipal-broadband proposal in Washington state to a paid-sick-leave measure in Philadelphia.”

For instance:

“... in Illinois, Comcast has contributed more than $470,000 in local races from January 2013 until March 2014, according to state documents. More than $40,000 of its money went to two funds that help elect Democrats to the Legislature. And in California – where Comcast’s bid for Time Warner Cable could mean greater access to Los Angeles – the company also spends considerable amounts.”

Speed Matters urges regulators to take a critical look at the proposed Comcast/Time Warner merger and on its projected effects on workers, consumers and communities. But by spending huge amounts of money, Comcast attempts to derail that debate.

Nobody loves Comcast, but its lobbyists don’t mind (Speed Matters, Mar. 4, 2014)

Comcast ties to cities, states run deep, could help sell megadeal (Politico, Mar. 24, 2014)