CWA-represented telco in rural Minn. wins Leading Lights? ?Most Innovative? award

Paul Bunyan Communications won Leading Lights’ “Most Innovative Gigabit Broadband Service” award for 2015. The provider won for its GigaZone project, an initiative to bring high-speed Internet to 5,000 square miles of rural Minnesota. The project already covers 7,800 locations and is expected to reach more than 20,000 people by the end of the year.

The company’s CEO/general manager highlighted in a statement the significance of a gigabit network in the often-neglected rural areas of the country:

We are honored to receive this award for our GigaZone project. It is one of the first gigabit network initiatives that will encompass a large rural area and I think that is significant. Many of the gigabit network projects taking place are in small portions of densely populated metropolitan areas. Too often, the more challenging rural America gets overlooked. That’s not the case here in northern Minnesota and we are thrilled that Light Reading acknowledged our efforts.

Paul Bunyan Communications’ workers are represented by Communications Workers of America, District 7.

Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan wins Most Innovative Gigabit Broadband Service for its GigaZone (Blandin on Broadband, June 24, 2015)