Eliot Spitzer Gets It

In his first State of the State Address, Governor Spitzer made a bold declaration for high speed Internet:  

We must also recognize that access to affordable, high-speed broadband is just as important in today's economy as access to a paved road, to a telephone line or to reliable electricity. But here in New York, we face a digital divide. If you're a child growing up in South Korea, your Internet is ten times faster at half the price than if you're a child growing up in the Southern Tier or the South Bronx. New Yorkers on the wrong side of the divide simply cannot compete in today's economy.

To close the divide, we must implement a Universal Broadband Initiative to ensure that every New Yorker has access to affordable, high-speed broadband.

We need more governors like Eliot Spitzer, who are putting high speed Internet policies at the top of their agenda - and action at the federal level, so that all Americans have access to affordable high speed Internet connections.

Eliot Spitzer 2007 State of the State Address (pdf)

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