Getting High Speed to the Heartland

The long journey toward getting high speed internet to America’s heartland continues.

Local officials in Columbia City, Ind., are considering a plan to install high speed internet service in their city of 7,000, with the help of the Community Communications Authority (CCA), a non-profit organization that teams with businesses to coordinate high speed internet programs for small towns and rural communities.

The CCA is emphasizing how high speed internet service would improve communications among emergency first responders, allowing police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics to access critical information while en route to emergencies. These services are common in much of urban and suburban America, but so far most of our small and rural communities have missed out. 

Although this system could cost Columbia City around $2.5 million, that could be offset by savings the city would see from more accurate reporting of water usage that would help it avoid underbilling residents. In addition, installing high speed internet infrastructure likely would stimulate economic growth in the region, making it a sound investment.

Columbia City Council Shopping for Broadband

Community Communications Authority