Governor Dayton names Minnesota broadband task force

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton appointed 15 people to a Governor’s Task Force on Broadband to promote “border-to-border” high-speed internet and cell phone access throughout Minnesota.

In an executive order, Dayton aimed Minnesota for broadband leadership with three goals, to be attained by 2015. The Governor wants the state to be in:

  • The top five states for broadband speed
  • The top five states for broadband access
  • The top 15 countries for broadband penetration

The 15 task force members were chosen from a range of public, private and nonprofit sectors, including Steve Lewsader, President of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7201. It also includes leaders from the wireless industry, the media, the health care sector, education and community groups, and local government.

When he announced the creation of the task force, Dayton said:

“As long as there are inequities in access to broadband in Minnesota, we will see those same inequities reflected in our schools, hospitals, and businesses.  This task force will give our state an action plan for identifying and correcting these disparities so that Minnesota can compete and thrive in a global economy.”

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