High speed Internet brings families together via teleconferencing

A mother admires her daughter trying on her wedding dress over a glass of champagne.

They are not in the same room -- or even the same country.

This family and others like them are using videoconferencing technology to reconnect with their loved ones across borders and thousands of miles.

They can see and hear each other in real time, with the help of fiber optic cables, providing high-speed connections. These services can provide the first glimpse of family in years for some people.

"I can see them like in real life!" Exclaims one user.

The bride mentioned above was able to show her mother her wedding dress because she paid a company somewhere between $60-$120 an hour for use of a videoconferencing room that allowed her to "spend time" with her mother before her wedding day.

The high cost-per-hour may be cheaper than international travel, but it may still be too expensive for many people with loved ones overseas. The fees help cover the infrastructure of setting up offices in various countries with high-speed connections.

Imagine if the high-speed connections necessary for these types of interactions were available to everyone…

Teleconference Connects Immigrants with Family Back Home

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