Mapping Indiana's Digital Divide

In Indiana, lawmakers have proposed a mapping strategy to analyze and document the state's digital divide.

Rep. Terri Austin (D. District 36) has proposed a high-speed internet assessment asking Indiana's Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) "to prepare certain maps depicting the availability of broadband service in Indiana."

According the bill, HB 1662,the map would depict "the areas in Indiana that are underserved" in addition to "the location of copper wire, cables, towers, or other facilities or infrastructure necessary to make broadband service available to customers."

By creating a visual way to demonstrate the digital divide, Rep. Austin is laying the groundwork for targeted advocacy and development--to ensure that no Hoosier is left behind.  As we have noted before, the FCC's mapping falls short, and states are stepping in to fill the gaps.  After all, before you can plan your route to the future, you need to know where you are first.

Summary of HB 1662

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Full text of HB 1662