Netflix May Increase Demand for High Speed

The new Netflix program that allows customers to watch movies over the internet is yet another application for high-speed internet.  In order to enjoy this new service, customers will need to have enough bandwidth to quickly download and stream high quality video. 

Netflix, famous for pioneering DVD rent-by-mail, recently announced its new program called "Watch Now" that will allow subscribers to download and watch movies online.  Users with high speeds, 3 mbps and higher, will get DVD quality video, while users with slower speeds will get lower quality video. 

In order to keep up with advances like these in movie viewing, Americans will need high speed internet connections.  Netflix has a very broad user base, nearly five million subscribers, and will bring the potential and appeal of online viewing to a large number of people.  This could bring the need for high speed to the mainstream and attract people who had not previously found a need for fast connections.  New technologies and applications in entertainment can help drive the demand for high-speed internet, which has much wider applications than watching the latest blockbuster. 

TechNewsWorld: Netflix Launches Video-on-Demand Service

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