Ohio Gov. meets with leaders to Connect Ohio

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland spoke about Connect Ohio and the importance of high speed Internet access at a recent event in Columbus.  Connect Ohio is a public-private partnership, launched last December, to extend universal high speed Internet to all Ohioans.

"This will change people's lives for the better," Strickland said.

As part of the plan to achieve universal high speed Internet, Connect Ohio will map high speed Internet coverage and where the gaps are. According to Brent Legg of Connect Ohio, the initial map should be ready by June 27. Additionally, the plan includes "e-community leadership teams" in each county to help local residents get connected.
According to the Dispatch:

The idea is to show the demand for high-speed Internet access to encourage providers to offer it, as well as to educate residents who aren't taking advantage of the educational and job opportunities that broadband can provide.

For more information about the work Connect Ohio is doing, check out this video of Frank Matthews, president of CWA Local 4321 and member of the Ohio Broadband council.

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