Ohio Governor taps CWA Local President for high speed Internet council

CWA has worked tirelessly to promote the availability of high speed Internet, and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has recognized these efforts, naming CWA Local 4321 President Frank Mathews to the Ohio's new Broadband Council.

"The governor wants our state to be a leader in closing the digital divide and making high speed broadband communications widely available in every community in Ohio," said Mathews, who also serves as president for the CWA State Council of Ohio.

Mathews has  been "a key leader in District 4's Speed Matters campaign to get a video franchising bill passed in Ohio, and in helping work towards the creation of 'Connect Ohio,'" said CWA District Four Vice President Seth Rosen. "I'm glad that Governor Strickland has recognized Frank's leadership on these issues."

The Broadband Council and Speed Matters share many of the same goals, including making high speed Internet universal and affordable, accurately mapping Internet coverage, and promoting private-public partnerships to expand high speed Internet, according to Mathews.

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