Over half of digital news site visitors connect via mobile devices

Alan D. Mutter, blogger of Newsosaur, wrote in Editor & Publisher that “The proportion of mobile visits at digital newspaper sites has doubled in the last two years to the point that half the visitors at some publications today are arriving via smartphone or tablet.”

“After crunching data covering 213 sites operated by five major newspaper groups, I found that the average number of unique visitors accessing the sites from mobile media doubled to 43 percent in mid-2014 from 21 percent in mid-2012,” he wrote.

Mutter calls this change a tipping point, and advises editors and publishers “… to put ever more of their thinking—and resources—into optimizing products, content and advertising for not only smartphones and tablets but also for such emerging devices as smart watches, smart televisions and whatever smart stuff comes next.”

Newsosaur: Mobile News Consumption Hits the Tipping Point  (Editor & Publisher, Oct. 9, 2014)