Speed Matters at YearlyKos

The Speed Matters team is attending the second annual YearlyKos convention in Chicago--and online in Second Life--this weekend. YearlyKos is the premier gathering of progressive activists and the online political community, and we are spreading the word about our efforts to bring affordable high speed internet to all Americans.

We've met dozens of activists who depend on the internet to get the word out about their issues.  They know that building their online communities depends on building high speed internet.

As part of the convention, YearlyKos organizers are hosting a Presidential Leadership Forum on Saturday, in which the Democratic presidential candidates will field questions submitted by the online community. This is a great opportunity for regular Americans to voice their concerns and hear the candidates address them.

You can submit your own question for the candidates about their plans for achieving universal high speed internet access. Make sure they understand the importance of this issue and that if elected they will lead the effort to bring high speed Internet to all Americans.

Second Life

YearlyKos Presidential Leadership Forum

YearlyKos Presidential Candidate Question Form