Telemedicine: Coming to a Town Near You

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will encourage the development a nationwide broadband network for health care providers. The Rural Health Care Pilot Program will fund 85% of the connection costs for non-profit health care providers in a state or region.

This is an important program:

Because of the enormous benefits of broadband telemedicine applications, it is essential that the FCC take additional steps now to facilitate broadband deployment by health care providers. This pilot program is such a step.

Innovative, back-to-basics technology solutions like these are exactly what the U.S. needs to compete in the global economy.

But while this pilot program is "a step" to encourage telemedicine, it shouldn't be the only step. Building out a program like this into homes across America would increase the value of these efforts even more.

Telemedicine doesn't have to happen from doctor's office to doctor's office. High speed internet can - and should - bring telemedicine to your doorstep. 

FCC Rural Health Care Pilot Program

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