Texas Continues to Roll (Out)

People living in Northeast Texas can expect greater access to high speed internet thanks to a new AT&T plan to offer high speed internet in Texas that was propelled by state policy initiatives.

The passage of Senate Bill 5 helped stimulate an $800 million investment to facilitate bringing high speed internet to all Texans, particularly in rural areas.  The law spurred the new AT&T program that will bring fast internet connections to underserved parts of Texas.  The new service will make available exciting new possibilities to businesses and private citizens.

State Representative Mark Homer worked for SB 5's passage and sees the new AT&T plan as a success.  "In supporting SB 5, I had hoped that the legislation would inspire private investment and enhance access to technology throughout the state. AT&T deserves a lot of credit for doing this," said Homer.

Public and private co-operation is leading to increased access to high speed internet for Texans and along with it the numerous applications high speed brings for business, government and citizens.

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