The future of health care

High speed internet is ushering in the future of health care, and industry leaders are taking notice. Telemedicine has enormous potential to connect patients to the services they need much more quickly and easily.

As more homes are connected to high speed internet, residents will be able to take advantage of an array of new services offered by health care providers:

They include keyboard-type units that measure the dexterity of Parkinson’s patients or the mental facilities of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. There are sensors that attach to an elderly person’s front door or bed to monitor if she has come home from an afternoon out or has gotten up at her usual time. Other types of sensors can be added to a pill bottle to make sure the correct dosage was taken.

These are just a few examples of the ways that telemedicine can improve care for the ill and the elderly. In order for them to really take off, though, health care retailers must see enough demand to warrant investing in these technologies.

None of that is possible without universal high speed internet access to the home.

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