Verizon's Sale: A Bad Deal for Maine

In today's Portland Press-Herald, union advocates Steve Early and Pete McLaughlin detail serious problems that could result if Verizon is allowed to sell off its local phone lines in Maine.

This isn't the first time we've covered this issue. As noted before, Verizon's planned sale of local lines across northern New England means that means that its "low-value" customers will fall into the hands of FairPoint, a company with a risky business strategy and a poor record of customer service.

Moreover, Fairpoint isn't likely to beef up the infrastructure necessary for next generation internet. Mainers will be stuck with dial-up or slow DSL over copper wires. It's up to Maine's Public Utility Commission to make sure the state's consumers are protected.

Tomorrow, consumers and workers will rally in Portland's Monument Square, where they'll demand fairness from the telecommunications industry. Maine needs to be able to take part in the future, and we need to make sure leaders and providers are listening. 

Verizon Sale Is A Bad Switch For Maine

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