West Virginia Aims to Provide Statewide Access to Broadband

West Virginia's plan to build a statewide fiber broadband network with funds from the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP) promises to create thousands of jobs and help lay the foundation for future economic growth.

West Virginia received a $126 million BTOP grant to create a statewide fiber broadband network that will connect all of the state's anchor institutions to a reliable high-speed broadband Internet connection.

The Communications Workers of America strongly supports the innovative project and the access it will provide to West Virginians. The state network will reach unserved schools, libraries, and other community institutions, and create good jobs building, maintaining, and servicing the network.

According to Ron Collins, CWA's Region 2 Vice President: The build-out of this project is a critical need for the citizens of West Virginia.

Manchin defends broadband plan (Charleston Gazette)