Advertising industry group recommends T-Mobile stop fraudulent advertising

The National Advertising Division, the advertising industry’s self-regulation body, recommended that “T-Mobile discontinue claims that is has the fastest 4G LTE network,” a claim the group said is unsupported. T-Mobile at first agreed to follow the group’s recommendation, but then back-tracked, arguing that NAD looked at old data and that new data shows “T-Mobile is still the fastest LTE network and we’ll continue to let consumers know that!”

T-Mobile is consistently deceptive in its advertising. Remember their “unlimited” plan that isn’t? Yeah, the plan capped hotspot usage at 2G speeds and charged $15 per 5GB for useable hotspot speeds. Last year, the FCC investigated the company’s unlimited plan, found that T-Mobile’s “advertisements and other disclosures may have led unlimited data plan customers to expect that they were buying better and faster service than what they received.” The agency fined T-Mobile $48 million.



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