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Atlanta Middle School experiments with 24/7 wireless classroom

05 Oct, 2009

A middle school in Atlanta, Georgia is receiving 24/7 access to wireless educational tools thanks to a pilot program being run by the Alliance for Digital Equality. The program aims to evaluate wireless technology's impact on student engagement and achievement.

A Speed Matters partner--the Alliance for Digital Equality--is using North Clayton Middle School as a testing ground for their larger initiative called Partners for Digital Equality Learning Without Walls(TM), which:

"Explores the potential of wireless education technologies in helping students to succeed in school and prepare them to be successful members in a 21st Century workforce. Access to the Internet provides students with enormous opportunities; wireless access anyplace, anytime extends the opportunities for 21st Century learning beyond the school day and the four walls of the classroom.

Project partners AT&T, HP, Qualcomm, SMART Technologies and Saywire are providing the middle school with the necessary resources and training for the collaborative effort.

Clarence Jackson, Principal of the North Clayton Middle School expressed his enthusiasm for the program:

"North Clayton Middle School looks forward to the technological advancements that this project will afford our students, parents, teachers and school district. This initiative will certainly give us opportunities to excel and tap into technology of the 21st Century. Our students and their parents will have a chance to benefit from the many services offered through the PDE Learning Without Walls project and I am thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of it."

High speed Internet is a crucial component of a fully equipped classroom.

Alliance for Digital Equality, AT&T and Qualcomm Enable 'Learning Without Walls' (PR NEWSWIRE)

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