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AT&T plans Austin, TX rollout of GigaPower soon

07 Nov, 2013

AT&T is promising Austin, Texas to begin the rollout of “AT&T U-verse with GigaPower, an all-fiber, lightning-fast Internet network featuring the fastest consumer broadband speeds in town and a better HD TV experience.”

The initial offering is called GigaPower, and “The December launch will initially feature upload and download speeds of up to 300 Mbps...” However, those who sign up for it will, AT&T says, be able to upgrade to full gig in mid-2014.

Even at 300 Mbps, though, it’s fast. You’ll be able to download seven songs in a second; a TV show in nine seconds; and an online HD movie in two minutes.

All of this, though, is dependent on your being in the right Austin area. AT&T is using the Google Kansas City deployment model, with initial deployment in areas with highest demand. “This initial deployment,” says AT&T, “will reach tens of thousands of customer locations, including parts of central, northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast Austin,” and other neighborhoods.

As they say, it’s promising.

AT&T Inc.: AT&T's U-verse® with GigaPower(SM) to Speed into Austin Neighborhoods in December (PR Newswire, Nov. 5, 2013)

1 Gbps AT&T U-Verse to Reach Austin in 'Mid 2014' (DSL Reports, Nov. 5, 2013)


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