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AT&T, T-Mobile USA Merger Means California Jobs

09 Nov, 2011

California is in economic trouble, with 12 percent – two million workers – unemployed, according to Tim Paulson, Executive Director of the San Francisco Labor Council. So, in The California Majority Report, a much-read Sacramento political blog, Paulson posted a way to increase jobs in our biggest state. “AT&T, T-Mobile USA Merger Means Jobs,” he wrote.

“The much-discussed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA is an opportunity to create real jobs that are necessary for injecting life back into our economy. It will also give tens of thousands of T-Mobile workers the option for union representation at AT&T, the only major wireless company that gives employees the freedom to join unions. In fact, the pending merger represents the best opportunity we have seen in recent memory to organize in the growing technology sector.”

Read the whole story.

AT&T, T-Mobile USA Merger Means Jobs (The California Majority Report, Nov. 8, 2011)


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