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Cable Internet bills up again because? they can

04 Jan, 2013

Comcast is at it again. Although most people have gotten used to regular increases in monthly TV service fees, Comcast has recently decided to add another price hike for out-of-contract Internet subscribers starting in 2013.

Overall, it's not a huge hike - three to seven percent, or in most cases $2 to $3. But, as one report notes, Americans are presently paying more for broadband than do the citizens of most other developed countries.

According to reader responses to a DSL Reports story, though, the average price raises can be many times that. One Comcast subscriber in Florida said that his bill had been $54.95 and then "jumped to $74.95 with no notification on the bill..."

Another subscriber supplied the best explanation for the hikes:

"While you're keeping that in mind, don't forget to also remember all those extra channels, services, and features that you're getting for that price increase.

There' me think...ah... What did they improve for that increase again?"

Comcast Celebrates New Year With Broadband Price Hikes (DSL Reports, Dec. 31, 2012)


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