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CenturyLink focusing its 1 Gbps push at business

05 Dec, 2014

CenturyLink, the nation’s third-largest telecommunications company, reiterated its intention to connect businesses with its growing gigabit-scale network.

Back in August, the Louisiana-based telecom announced that it was rolling out 1 Gbps in parts of some 16 cities.

In 10 of those areas, it would serve both residential and business subscribers: Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Las Vegas, Omaha, Orlando, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland, Oregon and Columbia and Jefferson City Missouri.

However, in six additional Western markets CenturyLink will be offering its 1 Gbps only to businesses: Albuquerque, Phoenix and Tucson, Colorado Springs, Spokane, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

As CenturyLink CMO Shirish Lal told networking blog Light Reading, “We see a tremendous range of services we can offer over the cloud, and bundling cloud services with our gigabit capabilities is a very compelling offer for SMBs and smaller sites of larger businesses.”

CenturyLink Aims Gigabit at Businesses (Light Reading, Dec. 3, 2014)


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