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CenturyLink tests 100 Mbps over copper network in Salt Lake City

24 Aug, 2015

CenturyLink is testing a new 100 Mbps service over its existing copper network in Salt Lake City, Ut. The company says that it expects to deliver the service to a large portion of the city by using vectoring and bonding technology.


"We hope to get 100 Mbps or better to a good part of Salt Lake City," said CenturyLink’s CFO Stewart Ewing. "We'll see how that helps us from a competitive standpoint before we make a decision to roll it out to more consumers."


As FierceTelecom notes, Frontier is also exploring ways to deploy vectoring and bonding technology on its existing copper network to deliver 100 Mbps. Although service from copper networks will depend on the customer’s distance from the nearest remote terminal or central office, improving the already-in-place networks is seen as an alternative to building new fiber networks.


CenturyLink is conducting 100 Mbps over copper trial in Salt Lake City (FierceTelecom, Aug. 20, 2015)



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