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Commerce announces $28.5 million in grant money for One Economy

30 Apr, 2010

Speed Matters' partner One Economy was awarded $28.5 million in grant money to expand high-speed Internet in underserved communities in the latest round of NITA's Broadband Opportunity funding.

The Commerce Department recently announced the last of the round one grants — nine broadband investments totaling more than $114 million to more than a dozen states.

One Economy plans to spend over $51 million to expand high-speed Internet in underserved communities, including $23 million in matched support from industry partners, such as AT&T.

Also in the works is a nationwide awareness campaign to promote digital literacy, estimated to reach 20 million people. The funding will also help to expand One Economy's seven-year-old Digital Connectors program — over 235,000 additional 14-21 year-old at-risk youth can now receive training in the program.

One Economy will focus its broadband expansion on low-income and public housing projects in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

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