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Computer and Broadband Literacy Materials Published Online

29 Oct, 2010

Connect Your Community (CYC), a OneCommunity program providing broadband education, support, and equipment to low-income communities, has increased its reach by making training materials available online.

Funded by a two-year grant of $18.7 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, CYC seeks to advance broadband adoption through sustainable and community-centered means. By reaching computer-illiterate populations in seven communities across Ohio, the project seeks to bridge the digital divide through focused programs.

The subject matter covered by CYC includes an introduction to broadband, computer and Internet literacy basics. From this foundation, the program delves into finance, job, health, and education opportunities on the Internet — increasing competency and demand among users.

By making their curriculum available online, CYC provides broadband-adopters around the country with a great resource for spreading literacy in their own communities.

Connect Your Community: Curriculum And More


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