CWA applauds AT&T response to COVID-19 crisis

The Communications Workers of America applauded AT&T’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, calling it “a model for other corporations.” In recent days, AT&T announced an employee bonus, enhanced safety procedures, sick and family leave protection, and suspension of stock buybacks.

“Our members are doing incredible work under extraordinary circumstances,” CWA said in a statement, “and the bonus pay we negotiated with AT&T recognizes that work. We have also worked together to reach agreements for enhanced safety procedures and sick and family leave protection for all CWA-represented AT&T workers.”

“Our priority is to ensure worker and customer safety, solve problems, and provide reliable essential service to our customers,” the CWA statement continued. “We continue to work collaboratively to address issues as they arise.”


CWA statement on AT&T employee bonus announcement (CWA, Mar. 25, 2020)