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CWA applauds the confirmation of Jessica Rosenworcel as FCC Chair

03 Jan, 2022

The Senate’s confirmation of Jessica Rosenworcel, President Biden’s nominee for chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is welcome news as CWA works to ensure greater access to telecommunications services for all. As a lawyer, advocate and former commissioner and Acting Chair of the FCC, Rosenworcel is an experienced leader with a proven track record of prioritizing the needs and concerns of the people who are most affected by the FCC’s decisions -- teachers and students, health care workers and patients, first responders and small businesses, and tens of thousands of telecom and media workers, including CWA members. It is also historic: Rosenworcel will be the first woman to serve as permanent chair of the FCC.

Since her appointment as Acting Chair in January 2021, Rosenworcel has moved quickly and effectively to help consumers during the pandemic and close the digital divide. Under her leadership, the FCC, following direction from Congress, launched the $3.2 billion Emergency Broadband Benefit Program to provide internet access to low income households during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, during her tenure Rosenworcel shepherded the Emergency Connectivity Fund, addressing one of the most pressing issues impacting students throughout the pandemic. Rosenworcel has also demonstrated her ability to find common ground with her colleagues to enact important policy at the FCC. Her leadership, expertise, and tireless advocacy on behalf of workers and consumers will be invaluable as the Administration continues to collaborate with states, localities and broadband providers to expand high-speed internet coverage to underserved areas.

CWA urges the Senate to move quickly to confirm Gigi Sohn for the remaining open commissioner seat at the FCC. Sohn has spent her career advocating for affordable internet access. She was a key ally for CWA members as we fought to protect jobs during the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, and she supports CWA’s effort to hold broadband service providers accountable through state regulatory oversight. She has broad bipartisan support, and demonstrated her expertise during her confirmation hearing. Her voice is needed on the FCC as it tackles major issues in the years ahead.


CWA Applauds the Confirmation of Jessica Rosenworcel as FCC Chair (CWA, Dec. 9, 2021)


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