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CWA stands up for call center workers

26 Feb, 2016

U.S. Representative Gene Green (D-TX-29th District) was joined by CWA call center workers and union activists at a news conference in Houston. Green talked about the legislation he is introducing to safeguard the jobs of U.S. call center workers.


CWA Local 6222 member Nancy Barrios, an AT&T retention representative with 13 years' experience, said, "It gives me comfort to know someone is fighting to keep my job here in the United States. Congressman Green has always stood by working families and we need more champions like him in Washington!"


Val Givens, an AT&T customer assistant for nine years and a CWA Local 6222 member said, "I'm really impressed and pleased that someone is looking out for our call center jobs. I have colleagues for whom this is the first job they've ever had that pays well and offers benefits. Taking that away from them would be detrimental. I'm grateful to Gene Green for introducing this bill!"


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