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CWA: Verizon neglects copper lines

11 Jun, 2015

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) accused Verizon of refusing to repair broken copper lines and directing customers instead toward Voice Link, a wireless phone service that can’t support Internet connections, home health monitors, or security systems.


CWA, which represents 35,000 Verizon employees, filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in six states along the east coast and Washington, D.C. asking for details regarding repair, maintenance, and installation of Verizon landline service, service quality data, and information regarding Voice Link substitution.


Dennis Trainor, CWA Vice President District 1 representing Verizon workers in New York and New Jersey, explained that the union is asking for this information because, “[as] a public utility, Verizon has a duty to maintain service for all customers. But we’ve seen how the company abandons users, particularly on legacy networks, and customers across the country have noticed their service quality is plummeting.”


Ed Mooney, CWA Vice President District 2/13 representing Verizon workers in Pennsylvania, Delware, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia added that “[e]very community depends on quality telecommunications services. But for too many," he said, "that quality is sorely lacking – and much of the blame falls squarely on Verizon's shoulders. Access to telecommunications services is more crucial than ever, but Verizon is walking away from its responsibility to provide that to its customers. These FOIAs will shine a light on Verizon's failures and help the public hold Verizon accountable.”


The Wall Street Journalreported that Verizon has “expressed a desire to shut off its copper line system,” and is selling wireline assets in California, Texas, and Florida. The WSJ reported on the experience of one Verizon customer in Bedminster Township, Pa., whose copper landline stopped working about half a dozen times last year. Verizon offered him Voice Link, but he declined because he doesn’t get good cell reception in his house and doubted Voice Link would work either. He had not alternative, as “Verizon is the only landline phone provider in his area.”


Communications Workers of America Demand Information on Declining Verizon Service Quality from Virginia to New England (Fierce Telecom, June 9, 2015)

Verizon’s Biggest Union Claims Carrier Isn’t Fixing Broken Landlines (Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2015)


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