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e-Parenting Keeps Families Connected

05 Jul, 2007

For moms struggling to balance their careers and their families, high speed internet has become an extremely useful tool to stay connected. Across the country, women are harnessing the power of the internet to stay organized, keep in touch with their families, and participate in their kids' lives despite their busy schedules.

Marietta Davis, a Microsoft employee from Michigan, travels often for her job. In order to stay in touch with her husband and two sons, she uses an online calendar to keep track of events and activities, and she uses the internet to sync it with her husband's calendar. That way, none of her family's activities gets lost in the shuffle.

Davis also keeps track of her sons' academic performance via the school's comprehensive online information center, and she communicates with their doctors over the internet as well. For fun, she and her kids exchange text messages and even share new music with one another.

As Davis says,

"I have a lot more opportunity to stay connected with everyone critical in my life. It gives you peace of mind. I had this anxiety when I was out of town about connecting with the boys. Now I have this feeling that I'm not so aware of being gone so much. It gives me a greater sense of work-life balance."

Colleen Rosso is much like Marietta Davis – a working mother trying to strike that balance. Rosso also uses the internet to help her be a better mother – keeping in touch with her family while traveling and working from home over a high speed connection when she's not on the road.

But Rosso has a bit more difficulty being an e-parent. Her home is not served by any high speed internet providers, so in order to take advantage of this technology she had to invest in a laptop and wireless card that connects over a cell phone signal. It's pricey, and it's slower than cable or DSL, but it's the best Rosso can do.

By expanding high speed internet access to all Americans, many more parents like Marietta Davis and Colleen Rosso will get a big help in balancing their careers and their families.

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