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Facebook drivers vote union, get wage raise, benefits

26 Feb, 2015

Silicon Valley high-tech firms employ so many workers that they run fleets of shuttle buses from residential communities all around the San Francisco Bay Area. And for years shuttle drivers have been trying to organize to win decent wages and benefits.

Last week, Facebook drivers approved a contract with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. According to a local TV news outlet, “...drivers would see their wages rise to a range between $21 and $28.50 an hour, up from $17 an hour. Their new benefits would include up to five weeks of paid vacation, nine days of sick leave, along with healthcare benefits for workers and family of full-time employees.”

This coming Friday, workers for Compass Transportation – who drive for Apple, Yahoo, Zynga and Genentech – will also vote on a union contract.

Facebook Shuttle Bus Drivers Approve Union Contract With Health Care, Wages At $21-$28.50 An Hour (CBS SF Bay Area, Feb. 23, 2015)


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