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FCC Chairman Emphasizes Broadband Key to Small Business Success

19 May, 2011

In a speech at the Cybersecurity and Small Business Roundtable, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined the significant economic impact of an extensive and robust broadband network on small business. He said:

"Broadband and information technology is increasingly important to the success of our economy, to jobs and to the future of small business. Broadband connectivity and online business tools enable small businesses to grow and jobs to be created anywhere. They allow small businesses to market their products and reach customers in the next neighborhood, the next city, the next state, and even overseas."

The talk focused on new technologies that are increasingly available to businesses throughout the country. Genachoswki also touched upon the need for more secure, stronger networks to support emerging technology. The full text of the chairman's remarks can be found here.

CWA fully endorses measures that will help small businesses thrive in America. Meeting the technological demands of businesses everywhere will help the US increase its level of competition in the innovation economy.

Prepared Remarks of Chairman Julius Genachowski Federal Communications Commission. Cybersecurity and Small Business Roundtable


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