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FCC committee proposes Internet ?nutritional labels? to inform consumers

09 Nov, 2015

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Consumer Advisory Committeerecommended sample disclosure forms that will help consumers make informed decisions as they shop for Internet service. The disclosure forms, similar to nutritional labels on food products, will allow customers to compare prices, speeds, and contract rules among different providers. The transparency will incent companies to compete with one another for informed customers by providing the best service at the best prices.

The FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee is made up of consumer organizations, telecom companies, regulators, advocates for seniors and people with disabilities, as well as the Communications Workers of America. The Committee recommended to the FCC sample disclosure forms for broadband and mobile service, and encouraged the agency to ensure the forms are easy for consumers to understand.

Speed Matters has long advocated disclosure measures.

FCC looks to ‘nutritional labels’ for Internet service shopping (The Hill, Nov. 2, 2015)


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