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FCC delays Verizon request to drop landlines on Fire Island

16 Aug, 2013

The Federal Communications Commission has decided not to grant automatic approval to Verizon’s application to discontinue landline service to parts of New Jersey and New York affected by Hurricane Sandy – especially the Fire Island area of Long Island. Verizon has been pushing the FCC and state authorities to allow the company to substitute wireless based Voice Link service – which lacks numerous features and access for subscribers.

Instead, the commission wants more information. In a letter responding to Verizon New Jersey Inc. and Verizon New York Inc. (collectively, Verizon) the FCC said:

“In order for the Commission to complete its review of the application, we require additional information from Verizon. Accordingly, we request that you provide written responses and supporting documentation for each request set forth in the attached Information, Data and Document Request. In order to expedite consideration of your discontinuance application, please respond to the following requests by September 4, 2013.”

Speed Matters believes that Americans are should have access to landlines, and the broadband, emergency service and other features that most of us can access.

Verizon... to Discontinue Domestic Telecommunications Services (FCC letter, Aug. 14, 2013)


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