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FCC Net Neutrality Rules Good For Jobs

The Communications Workers of America's stance on the new FCC Network Neutrality Order was highlighted in POLITICO's Morning Tech as justification for upholding the new rules.

Some Republicans are claiming "an over-reach of authority" in the FCC's Net neutrality rules. One Republican staffer for the House Energy & Commerce Committee says Net neutrality will be "one of the first tech issues" new Republicans will address in Congress.

Roger Sherman, a Democratic staffer for the House Energy & Commerce Committee, says:

Any repeal would meet presidential veto and we don't think this is regulating the Internet. We think this is protecting it... when we look at how it affects jobs we look at what the unions have to say and the Communications Workers of America seems to think this is a good idea.

CWA and Speed Matters are in full support of the new rules the FCC has passed regarding Open Internet. The open Internet framework will create a place for investment and innovation to thrive, while also helping spur job creation.

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